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What positive (or negative) effects has MO had on your lives/character?

MaiOtaku Forums > Random Chatter > What positive (or negative) effects has MO had on your lives/character?

Just curious to see what changes people have seen in themselves after joining the community, for better or worse. For me, I'm really enjoying getting to talk to open minded people. There's always been a bad stigma surrounding anime to a lot of people who never give it a chance.


I would say, negative ones, it a few times on depression, despite doing my best every time to push it back ( diagnosing me.again as free of it) it seems that being around difficult/broken people for too long has a heavily adverse effect on my mental state.

This is a den for weirdos, people who don't fit too easily on society whether it is because we have a looked down taste (anime) or simply.because we can't make friendships that last easily.

So this place offers a lot of chances for those who don't feel normal, or those who are self conscious about themselves


Nothing much, i'm already corrupted and aware of the toxic part of the anime community. So i came here to chill and look for good people to talk to and be friends with, simple as that.


@Lycan Bladefang
So accurate...........(that meme).....


In the short amount of time that I've been here, so far on the bad side my trust issues have gotten worse and I doubt people more but on the good side I'm actively trying to find more and more people to become friends with.


So far, i only pick people with anime profile pictures, people like that have a higher trust worthy chance and have a fun and unique personality.


@lycan u just joined the site 2 days back >.> Wait for sometime for it to either corrupt u or reform u :p


Anime profile pics = higher trustworthy chance? 0_0


Isn't my profile pic one you can trust?

I would say this site has made me feel more acceptable to myself about about my overall interest in Otaku culture, where as several years ago I felt like I wasn't allowed to embrace it. So I would say this site have a positive effect on me. Besides, I have met such wonderful people here!


I perferred people with anime profile pictures XD because they probably weren't normies(social websites I used to use have all kinds of people).

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