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Cero started Liberal?
Mar 12, 18 at 8:41am

Here is a cure ^₩^

Mar 12, 18 at 9:20am

I used to watch that when I was a kid.

Mar 12, 18 at 10:56am

A cure for liberalism?!?

Cero commented on Liberal?
Mar 12, 18 at 7:50pm


This is a perfect example as to why you shouldn't play in the internets when your intoxicated

shinu commented on Liberal?
Mar 12, 18 at 8:04pm

I should be clear here, liberalism is fine. What everyone typically takes issue with is progressivism. Unfortunately liberalism is nearly dead in America, and the politics we're given has nothing to do with liberal ideology.

And I know that sounds like "socialism has never been tried before!" but just trust me on this one lol, it's not at all like that. Liberalism is just a very slight variation to conservatism, but of course what we have right now is extremes in comparison. It means that conservatism right now is the most liberal ideology in the political atmosphere.

In the United States, anyways.

Mar 13, 18 at 7:26am

Sounds like cero did a drunken forum.

Mar 17, 18 at 2:24pm

Ban liberals not guns #unpopularopinion

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