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Anyone studying Japanese language?


I took from Level 1 to 3 Japanese language class in a local language school, but no tests were included and I had to learn culture to understand language.

So far, I know Hiragana and Katakana pronunciations and various Japanese phrases. Handwriting, building sentences and especially Kanji are all that's left for me.


welp, copying and pasting something I posted in the past...since skimming hundreds of pages in the confessions thread was apparently a lot more convenient than just typing out stuff :u

Kanji is going to take a while to get down but having a constant exposure to Japanese text in general definitely helps, you'll see a lot of consistently used kanji and after a while your brain will just start to automatically associate them with not only the meaning but the kun-yomi and on-yomi depending on the context. I learned Japanese in a very unorthodox way though, I'm 100% self-taught and basically learned it as a pet project. So I can't give much advice aside from "lol just study bro" :u
This is a very good guide/cheat sheet on grammar which is good for speaking, reading and writing if you're interested.
this is a very convenient dictionary as well, since you can look up kanji or japanese words/phrases in general by searching for it in either english or just romaji


Feb 03, 18 at 8:33am



もちろんです。 My Consistency is low due to stuck with anxiety caused by life concerns and gatherings. Having Fun happens at least at Japanese game nights with class (though higher levels than 3 I took are unavailable) and sometimes chatting with friends in Japanese. Opportunities are my goals, which are communicating, understanding and translating/interpreting.

Feb 16, 18 at 8:38am

Working on basic Japanese because im planing a trip to Tokyo in July, for me im just trying to learn to speak enough to get by okay. Sure isn't easy tho. Rally makes me respect people that are bilingual a lot more.


Understood. I have the Basic Japanese Grammer book in this video and learned Hiragana and Katakana pronunciations and various Japanese phrases on lang-8:

Apr 01, 18 at 11:24pm

i am self learning japanese through an application

Apr 17, 18 at 4:18pm

I'm starting to learn Japanese again. I kinda stopped after a certain point.


Me too, but this time, taking online class for convenience and affordable price.

ahollowhead commented on Anyone studying Japanese language?
Jul 04, 18 at 11:49am

I've been learning it (very inconsistently) for years. I started with Rosetta Stone which really gave much a good foundation for grammar, sentence structure, etc. I've taken classes at uni which were decent at best, but the best experience for me was studying at language schools in Japan. It's definitely costly, but it's true immersion.

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