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What was the most worst moment in a relationship for you?

Jikko Von Satsujin
Jan 31, 18 at 8:17pm

In my opinion there is many times when you could watch someone in a relationship and wonder why they chose that person. Kind of like that girl from Freddy versus Jason where she was with this jerk of a guy just because he had a cute butt as he treated her like trash and made things very awkward. But I'm not talking about a bad relationship I'm talking about a bad moment in a relationship. For me the most bad moments in a relationship would be when I graduated and I was dating this girl that I went hell and Back for an even lost friends because of her but in the end i thought I got the girl until.... I found out that she was cheating on me with my best friend and I found out after I graduated.... You know how there is always a barbecue when you graduate? My best friend invited me to a barbecue and I found out that she was sending nudes to him and he apologized to me but I was still feeling like they were both wrong in a sense..... I feel bad because I forgave her.... Our relationship didn't last long as it turned into an on-and-off relationship that was mostly lust and not love. What was your bad moment in a relationship?


The most painful part is always the end. Sometimes worse things than that have happened, but the pain of breaking the self cast illusion that things can possibly continue like that is quite painful indeed.

I've been there my friend, though I don't quite have the same story. In the end everyone I loved betrayed me and I hurt more than I think I had ever hurt before. A whirlwind of complex emotions took over, and for the longest time I felt shattered and torn. The end had taken place, but I hadn't admitted it until it cut even deeper, at which point I was left so shocked that the illusions I had built up around myself came crashing down, smothering me with their weight.

Of course I'm over it now, though it'll stick with me for a while to go.


I can agree with that shinu, sometimes it isn't the break up itself, it's the day after when you realize the one person you really cared about isn't there/doesn't want to talk to you.

Although I have to say, rejection hurts pretty bad too. Especially when it's a close friend and things seemed to be leading towards a relationship. I guess it doesn't quite count but it's just as bad. Maybe I'm a dreamer, maybe girls just play hard to get, but I can't seem to find anyone that thinks the way I do.


When everything seems perfect and the other person decides to end it for the stupidest of reasons or no reason whatsoever - currently going through that right now and while I'm feeling better, needless to say it really fucking sucks. It's hard not to be sad and disappointed at that situation.


^^ i know how that feels, it's been over a month and i still can't get my head around the stupid reason my ex gave me. I think the worst thing about him dumping me was he was supposed to visit for x-mas.


Oh I'm so sorry to hear that! I can totally relate to you phoenix - I got dumped just before Valentine's Day a few years back myself D: I hope you're feeling much better now though o/ Truth be told it wasn't really my ex's fault as such - for her it came down to some family issues and it just didn't go so well for me haha! She's been beating herself up about it but she wants to stay friends but considering how close we got, it's... Going to be rough but it's worth a try at least :D


i'm glad you and your ex are trying to work things out and be friends!! I know how difficult it can be for both parties, I screwed up so much with one of my bf's before this one and i grew (as a person) so much with this ex and he didn't give me the decency of telling me everything and it was so sudden! ._.


I know she cares a lot about me so I owe it to her to give the whole friends thing a shot at the very least and hope it works :3 Ah we all screw up, it's just a human thing - as long as we learn from our mistakes then we're moving ahead aiming to do better o/ Honestly, it's weirdly comforting knowing I'm not the only one who had to deal with this, it's nice talking to someone who understands :D If it's still bothering you and you want to talk about it or just rant like I did with a few of my friends then I'm willing to listen o/


I wish i knew what my ex is doing/thinking, and i wish he'd just tried to make it work or at least gave me a reason for why and IT is weirdly comforting knowing theres someone who's been through a similar situation, so i probably will take you up on the offer of talking to you! :)


It's always worth seeing if you can contact him and talk about it now that you both had some time to think about things o/ Even if it doesn't work out, I think it's a great idea to get that sense of closure at the very least so you can properly move on, that's what I'm working towards myself :D It just feels good and calming talking to someone who understands this kind of thing :3 Aye aye then! I'll pm you soon phoenix and we can talk then c:

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