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The British

Joji started The British
Jan 04, 18 at 12:10am

So who's from Britain that I haven't talked to yet? I'm from the Far south east, but I have a stop point in Colchester, Essex i can crash so i have like 2 points to meet from irl in the rare eventuality I ever met a soul from this site (I almost spelt site as sight just then lol)

toukichi commented on The British
Jan 04, 18 at 12:36am

Am up in Liverpool in the good old scary north of England to southerners.

Joji commented on The British
Jan 04, 18 at 12:48am

Scary? The north is lovely what i've seen of it, in fact when i went to Whitby for a Mangaka getaway with my illustrator friend the local pub folk were scared of my stories of down south xD

toukichi commented on The British
Jan 04, 18 at 1:06am

There this stereotype that the north of England is some god forsaken place, but as you mentioned a lot of people who come from the south are largely surprised how nice it is. The fact we are also always the least happy about government decisions and do stuff to piss them off massively all the time.

chappiepete commented on The British
Jan 04, 18 at 6:34pm

I'm from the north. Pretty decent place. York is my main city right now. I'm a student there and everyone is nice!

janeygal99 commented on The British
Jan 20, 18 at 3:44pm

Very north west here!

chance_ commented on The British
Feb 06, 18 at 5:39am

Just north of London here c:

Bloodman123726 commented on The British
Feb 08, 18 at 4:04pm

I'd actually be across the waters a wee bit. Northern Ireland bois!

Feb 09, 18 at 6:30pm

From Nottingham :D

Manga_bird commented on The British
Feb 24, 18 at 6:09pm

I'm originally from Chelmsford!

We're in St Annes now and about to move to Leeds (We being me and Sherflow)

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