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TRUMP reminds me of All Might from Hero Academia. Any other Trump fans?

MaiOtaku Forums > Serious Talk > TRUMP reminds me of All Might from Hero Academia. Any other Trump fans?

He is doing so well on the economy!


He's okay. I wish he was doing more.


please keep things civil in here

if your not a fan of trump, dont bother posting

this thread is for trump fans only, not opposition

(unless op wants it to be a discussion thread, but i think its just a fan thread*

regardless, carry on


Aye I'm a big fan of Trump; though there's some aspects and choices he's made that I've disliked. In the end though he's doing far much more than the last couple of presidents. I look forward to a bright 2018. o/


Got to love Trumpster. And what even more I love about him, how people get triggered by him! Sometimes I think he is the ultimate troll.


I just wish he would stop cucking and start ripping the party apart. We need a new congress.


Here we GO!!!!!


@ReactionaryWeeb: Have you seen much of what's going on with indictments and the recent Executive Order? There's a little over 4000 sealed indictments right now. The EO allows them to freeze and seize assets from anyone involved in severe human rights violations and corruption. With a section specifying organization leaders and government officials as a target. Though I'm hoping they aren't going to play politics with it, and instead work to root out the corruption from BOTH parties.

I'm hoping for something very nice to happen soon in DC. God willing. Seeing the house of cards in DC fall would be a beautiful thing. MAGA!


That would be wonderful if I actually believed he would go that far. I just want him to go out and campaigning with the right people (Godspeed to Paul Nehlen) who will replace the current congress.


Oh maaan. Paul Nehlen, that was a wonderful day on Twitter tbh.

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