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Anyone playing Leagu of legends ^^

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Looking for someone to play League of legends with and maybe talk some animo too. ^^


I play. I am hillariously bad though.
Been playing a bit too much lately and kinda burnt out but I've really taken to top lane and fighters.

Who do you play?
Are you on EU West?

Nov 28, 17 at 12:43pm

I play. Mainly bots atm until I can get more champs for Ranked, but yeah, feel free to add me. Gamertag is Vladthe5th.

Nov 28, 17 at 1:31pm

I play a bit but not ranked

Nov 28, 17 at 2:49pm

I play League! :D Feel free to add me. Kakazi63

atlas04 commented on Anyone playing Leagu of legends ^^
Dec 03, 17 at 5:31pm

Been meaning to get back into it, can add Atlas04 if you want. I used to play ranked quite a bit and main the dreaded support role.


I played league, had like plat1 75lp and season ended. So fml. Supp main on eune.


B3 trash here XD im that one guy who is too good for bronze but not good enough to carry himself out of it.

I play on NA if anyone wants to play hmu...summoner: "Drop Dead Darius" btw im a darius main >:3 (but can play any role pretty well lol *cough* *cough* got 7 mastery 6+ champs)

nashor_senpai commented on Anyone playing Leagu of legends ^^
Dec 20, 17 at 11:12am

I usually play it too so feel free to add me if you want IGN: Nashor Senpai (EUW)

Feb 03, 18 at 3:53pm

You should have probably mentioned your server....

EUNE here.

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