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What (Anime) Are You Currently Thinking About?

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I thought about how (potentially) nice it would be to start a thread where anyone can talk about an episode or anime or movie they just watched, but don't really have anywhere else to go and blab about it! A sort "what are you currently thinking about" but more related to anime. Hope that makes sense lol. I'll go first and hopefully provide a good example of what I mean?

I just caught up watching Magical Circle Guru Guru on Crunchyroll and I want more!! I don't want to wait for new episodes to release, I want to keep binging ;n; It's so cute, and the jokes are On Pointâ„¢ that they genuinely make me laugh. It's such a feel good show!

(first thread, get!)


I watched the first episode of Black Clover and and the MC's voice is super annoying... the plot seems really bland, too, like Naruto except magic instead of ninjas. (No disrespect to Naruto fans LOL)


I am currently thinking about wolf children, yuri on ice, black butler, free , and deathnote there are a lot of animes that i think about on a regular basis


I am currently obsessed with Black Parade, Kiss Him Not Me, and Yuri on Ice as always can't get enough of any of these animes.

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