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The Legit Weebs

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Nov 05, 17 at 3:41pm

Now, don't get me wrong, I like my anime and manga as much as the next person. But when it's all there is to you, it's a turn-off. Does anyone get bugged out by people who may as well be a living stereotype?

Otakaiser commented on The Legit Weebs
Nov 05, 17 at 3:49pm

I've been around those types quite a bit, it definitely makes me want to avoid making it seem like I like anything japan-related when I'm near them. Also there's just the secondhand embarrassment that comes with watching them act like they have zero awareness of themselves or their surroundings. Thank god my appearance kinda makes people think I'm just into sports or something like any other average dude.

TE Anubis commented on The Legit Weebs
Nov 05, 17 at 4:59pm

For most of them, it's just a phase they'll eventually grow out of.

Quite honestly, though, I find their company a lot more refreshing than people who go so far out of their way to not be seen as a "weeb" that they come off as dispassionate.

Nov 05, 17 at 5:14pm

I love legit weebs.

oliver commented on The Legit Weebs
Nov 05, 17 at 5:17pm

i like being in their company bc i can talk to them about things i like and enjoy and i dont have many friends like that

Nov 05, 17 at 5:32pm

When you're a adult, you don't want to be around a buncha people who say nya and act like a weeb because shit is embarrassing.

Nov 05, 17 at 6:43pm

Weebs aren't so bad, but neckbeards are another story. Weebs are passionate and inviting about anime. Neckbeards are mean and condescending.

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on The Legit Weebs
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Nov 05, 17 at 10:21pm
This account has been suspended.
ritsusamp commented on The Legit Weebs
Nov 06, 17 at 1:25am

i've never met one of them irl, guess i wouldn't mind. rather i hate those who can't stop saying weeaboo while they are into trash like filthy frank.

manny_heart commented on The Legit Weebs
Nov 06, 17 at 7:41am

I used to be such a weeb durring middle school, like it was really really bad u_u)

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