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Good anime game recommendations?

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I’ve been wanting to play more anime video games. I already play a metric ton of VNs but I’m thinking more rpg or action. I just bought Blue Relfection and I’m liking it. Some games I’ve considered are gravity rush, Akibas best, and aot wings of freedom

Oct 09, 17 at 1:08am

Persona 5, and Nier Automata for good RPG/action games. If you want to dive into some crazy stuff there's the Senran Kagura series and Hyperdimensional Neptunia, they're more like play up the fun of being a video game games. I've got more but those games should last till like the end of the year.

Oct 09, 17 at 2:05pm

Well there definitely are plenty of animu games around. But what systems do you have? PC? Playstation?

It would help narrow things down

Oct 09, 17 at 2:34pm

I have a PS4 and a gaming PC.

Oct 09, 17 at 5:50pm

Oh and Yakuza Zero or Kiwami, it doesn't look like an anime game but it feels like one with all the weird things that happen.

Oct 09, 17 at 6:53pm

Darkly got a nice bunch of titles.

Adding onto that, I would say Puyo Puyo Tetris if you're into puzzle or tetris games.

There's also Tales of Berseria which I highly recommend to anyone. It's a great jrpg.

And Valkyria Chronicles as a great strategy game.

Guilty Gear Xrd is a really stylish and fun fighting game. The same people are also making Dragon Ball FighterZ


I highly recommend Killer is Dead - while it's no Devil May Cry 3, I do think that game deserves far more attention for just how insane and weird it is which in turn makes it pretty dang great!

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