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Picking Up Japanese Again

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Hey guys,

So during my undergrad I minored in Japanese and 2 years ago went to Japan. Its been super long since I've actually had to use it and I'm super rusty again. Anything you guys can recommend for peeps starting again?

Aug 26, 17 at 11:59pm

If you just need to practice again, I've heard a lot of good things about an app called Hi Native! It lets you talk/ask questions to native speakers of languages. I heard Memrise is good for practicing vocab, and I've tried it but I can't find the way to get all the lesson for free. Still might be worth a shot, though! Duolingo's Japanese course seems perfect for practicing the language if you already have studied it to a degree! If your hiragana or katakana is somehow rusty, I recommend the app Dr.Moku since it lets you practice them in a lot of ways that other apps don't offer (the quiz option has been super helpful for me). If you just need a way to study vocab/kanji again (or anything else that could be put onto flashcards) I recommend the app Cram, since you can make your own flashcards with text, photos, and hints (then play games with them or use different study modes). You can even save and use flashcard sets made by other people if you search for a specific topic!

Aug 27, 17 at 12:36am

Just a thing that helped me as I speak some Chinese and some Japanese, learn some Chinese and you'll end up remembering the meaning of the Hanzi (kanji) and the readings are very similar to Japanese as well. While Chinese is a totally different language, the shared vocabulary and their total reliance on characters will help you with your Japanese.

Aug 27, 17 at 12:41am

Peachie: thanks for the recommendations. I'll look into them and see which one i like more.

Beserker: One of my friend from college days was chinese and he said for the basic stuff it worked but as we got more advanced it didn't help as much. I did take Mandarin a looooong time ago and i can agree some of it did help with recognizing kanji

Aug 27, 17 at 1:41am

I found learning Chinese first did help, but that's just me. The reliance on characters (a large portion of Chinese cannot read pinyin) made it all the more important to get the readings right.

Aug 27, 17 at 2:05am

It def. made looking at/learning kanji a lot easier for sure. Too bad, my Chinese is even more rusty now lol

Aug 28, 17 at 6:23am
This is a book about common kanjis used in Japanese I collected in the past, though I don't really need it because I'm quite familiar with Chinese characters.
考前対策 漢字 N3 level
Though you don't take N3 test, you may take a look at this book.It is written in four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

Aug 28, 17 at 2:26pm

Oh thats super cool! thanks Hakutaku!

Aug 30, 17 at 1:48am

Fun fact I read today. Old Japanese's word for mother was "papa". How it went from papa to 'haha' I'm not sure but that's super neat.

Aug 30, 17 at 5:08am

I guess this is how Papa became Haha..I read some related thesises.
If you can read Chinese.

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