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What should i do after learning hiragana & katakana?

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Should i learn kanji or should i begin learning words or sentence structure? I'm not sure which step to take from here. Any advice would help :)


I'd suggest while learning hiragana/katakana, you should start to build up your vocabulary with simple words. This will definitely help solidify the kana readings in your mind. After that, I would recommend basic grammar and continue building up your vocabulary. Once you feel comfortable using kana with your newly acquired vocabulary, you should start learning kanji.

Disclaimer: This is merely my opinion based on my experience and your mind may work better using a different method.


Hiragana first, then katakana and Kanji. That is how I learned in elementary school. You can learn words and grammar anytime.


I agree. Once you learn alphabet, learn words and start using. Listening and start recognizing meanings.
If you have chance, start talking to people. You can communicate without sentence structure if you know lots of Japanese words. You will get flow or structure as you use it more. You can learn basic grammar but people do not follow it anyway. I see lots of people who does not study but try to talk more learn quicker. So take any chance to talk when you can.


Thanks for the advice friends. I'd like to be decent with the language by 2020 so I can move to Japan for the Olympics, so are any of you interested in helping me learn through conversation?


Sure. I'm starting university this September where I'll be learning Japanese. I should be in Japan for 2020. We could possibly meet up if you wanted.


I can help, though I cannot make commitment like tutor. But I would like to chat with in Japanese you sometimes.
BTW. Thanks to the add.

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