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Changing ideas

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Aug 10, 17 at 11:07am

Is that a thing? I have a novel im writing ever since High School back then I struggled to keep the same story line I always wanted to add something more in the beginning or so I would always have to redo the story again, out of boredom and after a good thinking I picked it back up last year and once again, so far so good I got 55 000 words even if im still at the beginning, though again I want to change the beginning even if it this time it wont affect the whole story line.

Does such a thing happens to you guys?

What do you do you do to convince yourself your story is fine as it is?

Chocopyro commented on Changing ideas
Aug 21, 17 at 12:28am

Yes, and its perfectly normal for a story to evolve and go through multiple iterations. Refining it can be a painful process. Although since I generally design setting, characters, lore, and other world building ideas, eventually I get to a point where a story is there, and so hard to ignore that it becomes the one I know I'm going to stick with... Now if only I had the free time to continue writing...

Holyfok commented on Changing ideas
Aug 24, 17 at 8:13pm

God bless, for some reasons my ideas always then during the begin where changing one thing change a little something but honestly its a pretty long novel maybe 5-6 maybe 7 books and that little thing just scale so much later on. I guess a solid design could help alot im horrible to come up with a fix idea even the world changed passing from one unite world to a separated world where one is hidden from the other and then I came up with the idea of all of it being a separated dimension, so of course story needed to be reshaped pretty much completely and creating new content I just cant seem to put myself a limit on it.

I understand your envy to write after high school it just got so hard to find the time, I usually come back from and sleep so I started to cheat and write on the job lol.

Chocopyro commented on Changing ideas
Aug 25, 17 at 12:10pm

My current job doesn't give me time to work on anything other than the relentless spew of things from a conveyer belt which shows no regard for the human element... And yet today I have a strangely fortunate eye infection, so I just called off, and will get some writing done. ^__^

But yeah, I know what thats like. A lot of my stories, even if they are grounded in a single world, flirt with holographic realities and higher planes, so they're always much bigger than they are. And part of that is because a lot of them are technically set in the same setting, for future crossover ideas. So the universe needs to be structured in a way where a fantasy world can operate with different rules than a more modern, realistic setting. But there's a lot of things that overlap as well. Influences from various planes, interactions between spiritual outsiders with each other and the inhabitants in the world that are rarely seen. When one thing gets changed, that really does echo through out the other projects. There's sort of a higher, hidden narrative that goes on in the back of my mind, so thats why I design the world and setting first, then work inward until I have the characters and an idea for an adventure or conflict to throw them in. Because that's the only way I can make all the pieces fit, while allowing each story can work as its own experience.

If you aren't already using a program to keep track of all your concepts, Scrivener is a good app to use for organizing ideas, so that's what I personally recommend. Although free apps that are about as good are out there, so its up to you, really. Then again, a lot of my design ideas stem more from DMing D&D and Pathfinder games, and there may be more practical, less time consuming ways to structure a story than going into the setting first.

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