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Yurikuma Arashi - 9/10

Utena, Penguindrum, and Yurikuma... Ikuhara can do no wrong!

Aug 07, 17 at 6:19pm

The Tatami Galaxy
Pros: almost everything.
Cons: lots of dialogue, so tough to keep pace with the subs if you're not good with them. Pacing is uneven at times, but resolves wonderfully at the end.
Overall: 9/10, definitely recommend.

Aug 07, 17 at 6:42pm

Last thing I watched was Corpse Party.
I was not impressed. Was too short and they got too liberal with the ending. Made me salty. I'd give it a 3/10

Aug 09, 17 at 5:39pm

Boku no Hero Academia season 1
Pros: almost everything
Cons: little anoying main character, a few moments of others characters

Aug 09, 17 at 11:37pm

Speaking of Ikuhara, I just finished watching Mawaru Penguindrum.

Solid 8/10 for me

Aug 13, 17 at 5:04am

Death Parade
Pros: Cool art (character designs, etc.) and aesthetic, great soundtrack, awesome OP
Cons: Under-utilized concept, underdeveloped plot & characters, standard 1-cour affair

Overall it was at least an entertaining watch with nice presentation but not a whole lot of substance. I wouldn't necessarily recommend watching it but I wouldn't recommend against it either.

(technically not the last anime I saw but I've been rewatching a lot)

Aug 13, 17 at 9:20pm

Just watched the most recent episode of Boku no Hero Academia, shoutout to my girl Froppy holding it down during the U.A. Internships

Was an episode that was more or less filler even though everything technically happened in the Manga, they just did a more elaborate exposition on Tsuyu's internship. Good episode amazing anime. Episode was a 7-8/10 the anime itself is a 9.5/10

Aug 22, 17 at 10:22pm

Caanan 3/10

Last one I finished tho: Koe no Katachi 10/10

Aug 30, 17 at 5:43pm


It has beautiful art,iconic OP,at first glance and until ep 3 or 4 a unique and interesting plot,clever character designs but then a ton of sappy soap-opera romance and drama overshadowed a perfect psychological mystery anime

So its a 6.5,maybe 7/10

Sep 02, 17 at 12:54pm

Little Witch Academia: 6/10

Pro: The animations and art were stellar.
Cons: the plot was kinda boring and the music was just bad (except for the ops and eds)

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