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Anime Los Angeles

Jul 14, 17 at 11:13pm
Anyone here going to Anime Los Angeles 2018?
Im down to go. I've never been but always wanted to go
I went the last 2 years in a row. But it's been quite disappointing for me. I'm still unsure if I'll go this year.
Sep 01, 17 at 3:20am
I am! can't wait to go.
Planning to go. But like the man above said. I havent heard the best reviews. Outside of the after parties etc.
im planning on going. Never been to a con before so figure may as well start big.
@obsidian People go just for the after parties. I met some people last year that didn't buy a pass, just got in for the parties. Smh.
It's often hosted in a hotel so it's nice and comfortable then like being hosted in a convention. ALA Is a very different kind of convention then say compared to Anime Expo. ALA Is more like a ' Chill Con ' where you go to cosplay and hangout with people and chillax, Go to after parties and panels for fun and stuff. There is a selling room as well but it is rather small compared to AX. So ALA Isn't a bad convention it's just a much smaller one and people go there more to socialize and hangout. Anime EXPO IS very different, ANime Expo is a what an anime convention is kind of suppsoe to be it's very busy and you always kind of have to rush to get things done if you want to see any panels you want to see you have to compete with others for space and it's alwasy very stressful too so it's hard to just chillax and have fun because you only have 3 days to do everything you want to do. And you got to pace about like crazy and if ur wearing a heavy cosplay or detailed one it sucks mother fucking ass because of the heat, the stuffiness of people pushing against you (can break pieces of ur delicate cosplay off ), or jsut the weight of it in general. I always reccommend people not to wear too flashy costumes in AX Unless your like a cosplay model who has like 2 or 3 people who hold onto their shit and make it so they don't have to carry things ( I see all professional cosplay models do this because they have to be hands free most of the time. ) Then in AX You'd mostly go for like panels ( good luck catching them its stressful as fuck. ) And buying stuff ( MAIN reason here. ) Buying shit at AX cause they have the biggest market and selling place even for artists as well. While ALA Is more of a socializing chill convention where you can wear heavier costumes and there won't be a problem cause your in a hotel theres avaliable seats for resting everywhere and water stations and you can even literally have a room above the convention floors that you can just take an elevator up and go rest there. So yeah it's very different convention most people go to socialize and it's smaller, To be honest I perfer smaller socializing conventions like ALA then AX Because in AX you can never fucking talk to anyone unless your cosplaying and you go to a group meet but even then it can be hard to meet people because you only have like what 30 minutes or so until another cosplay group has to be in the area your current cosplay group is in? So yeah.. For me I prefer ALA. I can wear my heavier stuffier cosplays and not have to worry about smashing into people and them ruining pieces of my cosplay and I don't have to carry bags cause I just leave everything upstairs I also love the fucking ability to have SEATING ANYWHERE and hotel slaves ( They are yours to command.. GET ME WATER BITCHES. LOL ) And Of course the AIR CONDITIONER in the hotel is always 10/10 ( Something ANime EXPO Can never top off, sorry but it is true. ) So if you want to give ALA a chance I recommend you go cosplaying because it's the most fun and you meet the most people that way then just being an ordinary joe.
Looks interesting but I can't go unfortunately. >.<
Dec 24, 17 at 9:52am
I just found out about this event but I'm looking forward to it since I live near the area :)
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