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Did you upgrade to a PS4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch yet?

MaiOtaku Forums > Video Games Discussion > Did you upgrade to a PS4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch yet?

Or are you still waiting like me till it becomes even cheaper?

Or is it something else. >_>


Ps4: yes.
Xbox one: none of the games for it interest me, and I don't have the money for both a PS4, & a xbox one
Nitendo switch: not enough games that interest me, and again ain't got the money.


I bought a PS4 in 2014 before selling it to help pay for a PC setup about a year ago. I did the console agnostic thing for both the sixth and seventh generations owning every platform. Took a step back this gen to primarily concentrate on PC, Wii U/Switch, and the portables. (3DS and Vita)


I had already bought a PS4 about a year or two ago have had some good times with it with a few games.

I would Switch but I need money.


im upgrading to a gtx 1080 ti (and then to a volta gpu when that comes out next year)

and also im upgrading my i7 4790k to a ryzen 5 1600x

naturally this means im upgrading to the shittily high latency ddr4 ram. (or maybe thats downgrading)

i also plan to upgrade my cpu fan to a noctua nh d15. and put a third fan on the cpu cooler. which will make the whole thing about 7 inches from fan to fan. not that i need to do that, i just really want to for shits and giggles.

i've had a ps4 for sometime. it is boring aside from a few exclusives. i plan to get a ps4 pro so i can get something more decent out of my ps4 and feel like i somewhat am getting my money's worth.


wait for ps4pro & PSVR to get cheaper sub$300 preferably.

and add to collection, not an upgrade for me. i still have games i like to play on my old consoles

Jul 12, 17 at 12:58am

PS4: Yes. Switch: Eventually, when it becomes more affordable and there are more games. XB1: Never.


I have them all because exclusives are my weakness. Although admittedly I regret the XBone a little.




Got Xbox One on release day and Switch within a month of release

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