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Katekyo Hitman Reborn

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Jun 12, 17 at 9:50am

Hey! So I just recently finished Katekyo hitman reborn and was wondering if anyone else had seen it?
Because none of my friends seem to have seen it and its kinda disappointing because its pretty good tbh

Jun 13, 17 at 2:51pm

Seen it and read it. Omg I miss this manga so much. I was so disappointed when WSJ pulled the plug on it >.< And the anime of course ended before the Shimon arc, which also sucked e.e

Jun 13, 17 at 5:54pm

Havent read it yet... but really would have liked it to have the 2 remaining arcs animated.. still hoping though!! :D

Jun 13, 17 at 6:19pm

As much as I'd love to see that too, it's not happening. Reborn sadly wasn't popular enough to justify it getting a reboot. It still boggles my mind that they kept Bleach going for longer. I mean, I know Bleach had more readers, but omg everything post Aizen was just awful...

Jun 14, 17 at 4:00am

But, do you know about the cross-over they're going to do? Of Katekyo hitman reborn and Edlive, really excited to see how that turns out.
Pretty sure its coming 27th of July, but not too sure.

Jun 14, 17 at 10:32am

The cross-over looks pretty good, at least from what one of the trailers showed off. Don't expect much except for some gags and a fight scene or two, but it's really exciting to finally see the Vongola gear X-Gloves finally animated. Worst things have gotten a reboot, Tsuna and Reborn were popular enough to be put into J-stars Victory Vs. which came out a good 3 years after the manga ended. If there's a big enough uproar due to the crossover special there's a possibility something could be done.

Jun 14, 17 at 10:39am

To be honest I'm pretty disappointed that a lot of people don't know about the cross-over's release. Well it makes sense since it ended years ago and people don't really expect anything to come out

Jun 14, 17 at 1:55pm

omg, this is the first I've heard of it too, and I freaking loved Reborn. I still think the Dying Will Flame is one of the cooler super powers we've seen out of Shonen Jump. I'll definitely have to look into it.

Jun 14, 17 at 9:01pm

I feel like it's more how sudden and lackluster it ended. It was canceled and it's understandable that it's ending was way too fast, but instead of possibly giving some closure it just restarted itself which was kinda terrible.

Jul 30, 17 at 12:12am

I love Reborn! I have a tattoo of the vongola family crest haha. I wish it hadn't come out around the same time as naruto, bleach, and one piece got popular in America. Kinda got overshadowed :/

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