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Digital / Oil Painting :D

Jun 01, 17 at 2:42am

Share your paintings :D I have some stuff I'd like to share and I'd love to see other stuff people on MO would love to share as well :D I have most of my stuff in albums

Jun 02, 17 at 8:58am

Your oil painting skills are very good! Your construction on the digital paintings are good, but I think you should work on blending your colors a bit more. also maybe try researching a color palette or color mood before you paint and keeping within it's boundaries?

Jun 02, 17 at 10:29am

The digital software isn't really as intuitive and it's harder to reproduce physical elements, if not sometimes just impossible. nuances. Some of the paintings in that verve gallery are done with a program I coded that picks up to 3 random colors and you have to force yourself to do something with only those colors plus white and black. Kind of an exercise in creativity. Most of those I leave the colors near the bottom of the canvas as both a reference as well as just kinda of a show of the colors available.

Sep 14, 18 at 1:35pm

man i absolutely love your work the colors in it really stand out i tend to prefer dull colors but i really like how vibrant it is your oil paintings are my favorite keep up the good work and keep practicing :)

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