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Are grades posted publicly?

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May 03, 17 at 9:37pm

Just wondering if school grades and entrance exams etc. results are publicly posted for the entire school/staff/parents to view in Japan.

I would imagine that can be pretty humiliating for some considering the mad work ethic and competitiveness when it comes to academics in Japan, not to mention the amount of stress and pressure to impress others.

In my education system grades were confidential with report cards until highschool where periodically throughout the year marks were posted but according to student number only so they would remain anonymous. And in college obviously anonymous except you can only see the course average after the semester is over.

Oddly enough i still remember a girl in my biology class literally asking everyone their mark to source the few with low averages by elimination...i don't see the need to humiliate people over their grades, like who cares what this or that person got, no big deal.

The only benefit i can see if it can motivate some people to actually study in fear of humiliation...but still...that's kind of unethical imo since not everyone will perform well under pressure.

Asura commented on Are grades posted publicly?
May 03, 17 at 10:33pm

I remember these days and still laugh at those who thought I was a failure.

Realistically, grades don't entirely determine intelligence. It's more based on efforts and responsibility of the individual; at least to me. I was a high school senior with a really low GPA. I had no desire to keep staying in school because of depression and my learning disability BUT I was extremely occupied and absorbed with learning about computers since my junior year. My case manager (I was a special needs student) convinced me to get my GPA up and pursue the dream. So I did and walked with a somewhat high GPA while those who thought I failed were surprised. I'm not even that smart but I put in effort to be where I am now.

The best action to take is figuring out your own way to learn. No one can really show you that but yourself. Plus, look at those Harvard kids who bitch about safe space and such nonsense. Harvard is supposedly where the "intelligent" individuals go but it has tons of THOSE people like other colleges.

May 03, 17 at 11:03pm

Yeah i wasn't the brightest kid in school either, but that was mainly by choice, i just wasn't really passionate about school and simply did not care, so i don't think someone's grades should reflect their intelligence or social status. But when push came to shove and i was motivated towards a goal I did pull off some decently high marks that i had no idea i was capable of.

You're right, that's something that i've never really liked about the education system. Everyone learns in their own way, i once had a tutor in high school for chemistry, this guy had a heart of gold and was an amazing teacher. He taught me in such a manner that i was actually able to understand the material and do well. Since then it took me some time to find my own ways of learning but i understood that some people just have a different method of learning or perceiving material, it doesn't mean that they're not intelligent.

Don't even get me started on those extremist progressive movements on college campuses. I can't even believe some of those individuals are perceived to be high caliber students and rational individuals, just take a look at ANTIFA, the contradiction is too strong.

May 05, 17 at 12:17am

Unfortunately, the U.S. educational system is not that great as a whole (I know there is great pockets of education out there...)

I guess the best bet would be to figure out how you learn and how you learn.

As an educator who has been basically chastised for helping students developing their higher level thinking through how they learn...

From my perspective's either you fight for it or you won't make it...

Another thing is to be able to work with people at cordial level...and don't be antisocial...

I haven't been in a job where you working alone...learn how to work with other people...even if they are

May 05, 17 at 12:29am

The Canadian public education system isn't any better, especially when it comes to Math and Sciences.

So i do admire in some ways how Japan's education system really tries to cater to their students, i wish our institutions could have that kind of commitment, i have no idea where our Federal funding for education goes ...

But to publicly post a students results, that could be quite mortifying.

You're right about fighting for it, but not everyone can be left to their own devices especially with no guidance. I commend educators who stilly genuinely try their best and commit to their students. Like Socrates to Plato, Plato to Aristotle, Aristotle to Alexander etc.

From experience, a good mentor can honestly make you or break you.

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