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What is your nervous twitch?

Just curious how many of you have a nervous twitch or two. Personally I tend to touch my fingertips, sometimes to the beat of a song, sometimes because I'm stressed about something going on in life.
ill flick my nails, there long so they make a "click" noise one i have to make sure i dont do is blink really hard, makes me look like i have turrets lol and yes, iv had people ask if i do when i do it lol
I have like a lot!!! Have the one of the nails (when they're long), one or two with the hair, the "shaky" foot, the walk back and forward, playing with the earphones cord, the look at the cellphone casually, the look out the window casually too... Those I can remember :D
Asuka, I do the phone thing so freaking much! I will pull my phone out to check the time but I don't actually register what the time is so I'll have to pull my phone out again.
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