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Riddle Me This?

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Mar 20, 17 at 4:23pm

So thought I would take a crack at riddles again. I was obsessed in HS and now its back.

Riddle me this, Riddle me that
What captures and snares with a glowing trap.
Who's utter gaze causes many to stumble
As their victim's eyes become stuck in peril?

I'll give you a hint, you silly rat
As you play my game and smell the cat.
The hint lies in wait; unmoving, untouching, and with utter weight it brightens its trap.
You see it constantly and it holds your gaze, with it's bright luminescence you are sure to gaze?

AUTHOR FOOTNOTE: This is a gimme, though I may have over complicated it. I am uncertain, hopefully you can guess it and let's riddle!

Nov 29, 17 at 8:22pm

A monitor?

Anyway, try this one on.

What is sad, misunderstood, and is stuck with trying to help us reach our goal?
Constantly misrepresented as something sinister and cold,
When all it wants is someone to call friend,
Ever holding the flickering torch of life in our last moments,
As we drift from its hands and leave it without solace for its own journey?

Here is a hint if that wasn't enough,
All will see it, whether it is there for you or not,
But know that it will only be there once,
And that is at the beginning and end to your journey.
You may have thought you saw it in times of danger,
You may have thought you saw it in a bad dream,
You may have even thought that it had its hand around your neck,
But that is wrong,
For it was merely holding your hand as it protected you.

This one should be obvious.

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