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Thoughts on furries

Aug 06, 22 at 5:06am
Aug 06, 22 at 5:08am
Not all furries are all about love and stuff, some of us are pretty good people, idk why people criticize us so much it's ridiculous, even hostile. . .
I know that there are many good people. It's like that in every community. I still hate it though
Aug 06, 22 at 5:16am
Lol, why?
Irrational dislike. I think I just dislike furry animals like cats and dogs. Besides, not a fan of anthro animals except on rare occasions.
Aug 06, 22 at 5:23am
Ahh ok, I don't feel offended so don't worry, people have their own unique option and I respect that.
i hate them. they have the creativity, funds, and confidence i crave but will never have. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ee/f7/49/eef749c7d35c5b72203db15399241476.gif
Aug 06, 22 at 7:21am
Have faith
I know that its a group of people that tends to be considered more "out there". I personally am perfectly fine with them. I regularly chill with quite a few people that are very open with their furry side (especially in VR) and im glad that they can be expressive of how they truly feel. Im happy to chill and follow along in their shenanigans, though I dont subscribe to being a furry myself.
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