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The Legit Weebs

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Nov 06, 17 at 8:19am

If they can look on various issues critically, I'm comfy with them. It is fine to be around people who share the same hobby. But to establish and maintain friendships, simply discussing weeb stuff is inadequate...

shinu commented on The Legit Weebs
Nov 06, 17 at 8:25pm

I secretly envy their lack of concern for how people perceive them.

Nov 08, 17 at 3:13am

Truth be told, I'm actually not much of a fan of trying not to fit in (this is a response to Fox Girl's comment). Having used to go sites such as 4chan for quite a bit, I know firsthand just how toxic the whole "normie" trend is. It's actually become somewhat painful to see someone going on and on about how much they hate "normal" types, just because they think that being not normal is going to make them special. Truth be told (and everyone reading this can take it as they please), I've met more interesting and enjoyable "normal" people then I have Otaku fans, a fact I to this day wish would change at least a bit.

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on The Legit Weebs
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Nov 08, 17 at 4:17am
This account has been suspended.
Nov 08, 17 at 4:55am

I am happy with the fact that I am neither overweight nor unemployed nor uneducated. I joined the otaku subculture as a personal preference, not as a result of some kind of disability. You see, as someone who was born a Leo my brain was already hard-wired right from the first day to seek out ways of defying the norms and escaping from narrowly-defined labels instead of following the norms and fitting into the labels as accurately as possible.
When someone says "you're not like the rest" then I interpret that as a compliment and it boosts my ego and fills me with pride. But when someone says "you're just like all the rest" then I interpret that as an insult.

Nov 08, 17 at 11:13am

Now, I don't see why having an interest in the "Otaku" subculture would make someone not fit in. Given that one keeps things down to a healthy level, I wouldn't think to imagine that they're much different from anyone else. I do however agree that it's not the best either to pretend you're not a fan of something if you indeed are. Also blissfullforce1818, the majority of society doesn't live to fit into norms either, I'm not trying to be rude here but I think you'd be surprised to know that most people are just like you in that they have hobbies and interests that they enjoy.

Nov 08, 17 at 8:30pm

@anima_deus Well, my parents grew up in the times of the Soviet Union where the otaku subculture never existed, and they were raised with the ideal that the majority of society actually does live to fit into norms and that individual deviations are wrong and unapproved.
I keep having arguments with them all the time and they strongly disapprove of my choice, but I'm a fully functional adult tax-payer who is entitled to make a choice regardless of what others think of it. And they can't do jack because I'm no longer a kid who lives off of their incomes. In fact, I'm helping them to speed up their mortgage, so they damn better be grateful and back off.

Nov 09, 17 at 1:49am

Your parents don't exactly define the majority of society, and most of that response was lowkey irrelevant.

Nov 09, 17 at 4:59am

@anima_deus Yeah, in a western country like Canada they don't. But you see, most elderly immigrants are not exactly as adaptive and open to accepting changes as the younger ones. I'm glad that we're now living in a country where individual differences are much more acceptable.

Beherit commented on The Legit Weebs
Nov 10, 17 at 1:10am

Bronies, Weeabs, SJWs, Hipsters, Dudebros, Wiggers, League Fanatics, Emo and scene kids, Twilight fans, all things that would be better off in an incinerator...

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