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Tired of meeting people through the same convention experience over and over again? Want something different and more engaging? Wanna bond with fellow nerds through the struggle of surviving a fake zombie apocalypse? Shooting strangers with nerf guns and backing your fellow survivors up through sneak attacks, horde charges, and zombie trickery? Or perhaps hunting those feeble humans with a pack of your fellow undead, trying to tactically take away their advantage of range through clever group maneuvering. Well, I have your answer!

In a little campus town of Athens, Ohio, we will be hosting a varient game of Humans vs Zombies from March 21st to 25th. To those who know or have experienced HVZ before, you are more than welcome to join us, as our invitational is attached to the last two days of the game (24th and 25th). But even then, as someone who has never been a student at OU or a resident of Athens, I can safely say, you don't need to be a local to join the full weeklong game.

For those of you who have never heard of it however... Well, let me cue you in as to what the game is like. (From the zombie perspective at least)

I am a contributer for the game, and have worked with the mods in designing this spring game/invite. So for those who are interested, you already have a friend in a high place. I will be playing as a Res Leader (essentially a player who has some story significance, and minor rule enforcement ability), and I have years of experience playing on this campus. I essentially know the lay of the land, and the majority of the local players as well.

It costs no money to join, though we do have a facebook group page which we encourage you to join for the purpose of gauging how many players will be joining our game from out of town. And no, you don't need to be physically fit to be a good player. (You will be pretty fit by the end of it though lol)

Full Game FB Event:

Invitational FB Event:

Feb 22, 17 at 2:33am

The zombie who nommed this player was my twin brother. Just saying. ^___^

Mar 05, 17 at 1:27am

Two more weeks until the infection.

Mar 20, 17 at 1:22pm

Whelp. Got some zambies to fight tomorrow. Later nerds!

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