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Feb 09, 17 at 4:25pm

I created this forum for a number of reasons so bare with me.

I wanted to create this forum for a while to encourage me (and hopefully others) to do something I have been wanting to do for a while but I decided just to do it rather than talking about doing it.

Some may relate to the unsettle feelings of being around people but for me even being with family makes me feel like I am not in my own skin. There is only two person who I have been feeling like I can be relaxed around but on of top of that, I get really nervous around cameras even more than people. I am not sure why but this has been something that has dated back since I was a kid.

So those two reason is why I decided to open a gaming channel and I would like to invite you all to join me in making our mark. I know I won't be a Markiplier or even these guys:

Those guys are funny. ^^

...but I am not doing this for fame, just for me.

I ran with it.

I made a logo, created an intro video, filmed myself playing and edited the video, and then created an end video. I even added commentary. You don't need to do all that but I would encourage doing it in your own style.

I realized it was fun just to make something and I love editing videos and I want to share that feeling of making something that is yours.

I looked around at other let's play videos and realized, there are people who are not very good at it but they still do it for fun and to get better.

Hell, even Ed has a channel so you can do it too. I encourage you to join me if you can.

Of course, it requires a computer, web camera, and mic. Or at least a Computer and mic.

But if you have those things then you can record using this free software(Completely safe - I use it):

If you need help making a video or editing just message me. I might create some tutorials if people are interested in doing this with me.

You can find some free games to play on Steam:

And Game Jolt:

I will post more as I find them.

But besides convincing others to join me in this venture I made this forum for me and anyone else who has a channel already or wants to make a channel to post their videos here to share or share links to games that are free to play.

Please only give creative feedback on this page, unless it is Ed then you can pick him apart.

I want to build confidence in myself and everyone else.

Let me know if there is a game you want me to play that is free and please post your videos here. You don't need skills. Expressing yourself is an art in itself. I decided not to be afraid to do what I want anymore because I was tired of not having a gaming channel, not having created books, manga, or visual novels.

We don't know what we are truly capable of until we try and make it happen, you can always surprise yourself.

The goal of this forum:

1. To post my lets plays.
2. For others to post their lets plays.
3. To share free game links.
4. To support each other and build confidence.
5. To have fun.

Feb 09, 17 at 4:28pm

I would love to be a partner channel :o
I currently am unable to do much without finishing my college course, and getting a job, but when I do I have many many goals to reach with my channel.

Feb 09, 17 at 4:28pm

My first video:


Rides with Strangers:

Feb 09, 17 at 4:33pm

I look forward to it. I understand that making these videos takes some time and education is pretty important.

Feb 09, 17 at 4:35pm

Interesting concept and idea, you got my full support.

Here's the only video I ever have been proud of... The only one I personally like.

Max commented on The Gaming Channel
Feb 09, 17 at 4:36pm

PLEASE post the video links aswell as the embedded videos. ;-;
I always have to find the video links in the source code because somehow the player isn't showing on MO.

Feb 09, 17 at 4:36pm

The worst part is there's no candy. xD

It's a great video so far, and I would not even guess that it's your 1st video. Also, the handkerchief is definitely a normal thing to wear, especially a skull one. I sometimes feel like wearing one in public but with my hood up, my snapback on, and being black, it's sure to cause some disturbance. xD Try not to doubt yourself for things you do in the video too!

Max commented on The Gaming Channel
Feb 09, 17 at 4:39pm

Awwwwww Daggera so kawaii xD

Feb 09, 17 at 4:46pm

The video I'm probably most proud of right now because all my current videos are just music uploads or lyric videos.

Feb 09, 17 at 4:47pm

@Max Sure Max, but how do I share embedded videos?

Dat Boi: Hoodies and masks are awesome. I think we should express ourselves more even in public because if we don't I think it feels like we are in this prison, trapped on this false image of ourselves. We need to break free from that and have fun.

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