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lets vent...


awww hugs everyone =)
i have problems too every guy i seem to like or even date all turn out to be really mean to me and its really put me down too because im not sure who to trust or something i mean hopefully when i do find a guy hopefully he will lovely im a kind and caring girl and i dont see why some guys take advantage of me =(

Jan 23, 12 at 9:32pm

I have a best friend. I admit we both have our problems with people skills. On her birthday she expects a gift or a call. But on my birthday I get nothing not even a phone call. My birthday is close to Christmas but she could have at least called!


I was not able to attend an Anime Convention that I have always attended with a 4 year streak and this would be my 5th.

Kinda bummed out about it.


People get treated so unfairly.
I find myself losing to the pretty boys in the game of love.
The apple of my eye gets drawn to someone she has never had any contact with and my anime loving self gets left in the dust.

L33K @l33k commented on lets vent...
Feb 27, 12 at 12:55am

Hard to find anime/vocaloid fans in my place... :(

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