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Whats the first thing You'll do after Covid ends?


Covid has taken one full year away from us... a whole year we will never get back. in spite of that, whats the first thing you're gunna do the second this is all over? once everyone is covid free and masks are finally abolished to the shadow realm, whats the first thing you'll do?

for me, i kinda wanna finally go airsofing with my friend like ive been itching to do the entirety of covid... either that or visit japan, which is less likely... XD

lets see what yall have been so eager to do for the first time in forever! :3


Oh, there is no end of Corona-chan. Corona-chan is death immortal. One merely spends their finite existence thanking the powers of life for each day Corona-chan rejects us until the time we become the target of its insatiable thirst...


To be honest my life didn't change at all with the virus. My year experienced a tragedy unrelated to the rest of the world burning, but I have been working and walking out among people of all backgrounds for the past 12 months.

Outside of wearing a mask it is business as usual for myself.

I guess once the vaccine is fully tested I won't need to wear the mask anymore. That is the only major relief to be had that comes to mind.


Im going to rejoice

I might buy some bubbly, hire a private stripper to dress up like REM and dance while i play caramel dansen and s3arl mtc. Then im gonna find a random lady in the street and offer to buy her dinner then run off cuz im no simp. The possibilities are endless.

This account has been suspended.

1: remind myself of mistakes
2: buys some heels
3: actually learn how to walk in heels
4: if steps 2-3 don't work repeat from step one

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