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Weird dreams

Sep 28, 22 at 12:33am
had the oddest dream last night where i was in league with some super heroes and whatnot. and that there were reptilian aliens as our elites. we went to the queen of englands funeral and they had this little lock up for stuff. apparently there were alien robot parts up in there. i got caught my an alien and shot him with a baretta pistol. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg noticing that i was seen on camera killing this alien, i decided to destroy the room. I do a Kamehameha at the camera, and continue to destroy the room so that all the doors and walls are busted down, and me and the team can make it out of there with the alien robot parts. https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg master roshi and brainiac (from the DC Comics) enter the room and help me loot everything from the vaults i have blown open. we make it back to HQ and I realise that perhaps our team working against the aliens might betray us, lex luthor, the martian manhunter, krillian and a few other peeps from more serious cartoons were there on our team... https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg and then I woke up.
Sep 28, 22 at 5:20am
When I was 8 I had a dream about dolls came to life and try to attacked me with a goat.
Oct 01, 22 at 6:19am
Okay so. In the borderlands series, some of the death quotes of enemies, are curious indeed. Whether it be about soiling themselves. So in Borderlands 3, a bandit death quote is: "My chili recipe dies with me!!" So the dream was about me trying figure out bandit chili. Knowing borderlands, it probably has a turd in it. LOL. So in the dream I decided to start making chili, all normal except brown sugar, and.... of course.... A turd. I chopped up a turd for the chili, and man that chili stunk. Anyways, when it was done I gave it taste test. I begun to question my life after I realized it tasted amazingly better than normal chili. Afterwards, I decided to start a food truck called "Don't Question the Ingredients" handing out turd chili to people at a campground. They all loved it. I questioned my life even further with this new plague of curiosity. Had I done everything wrong before? Right before I woke up, this included a Reuben sandwich, with toenail clippings in the kraut. I enjoyed that too, sadly I woke up before my customers got to it.
Had a dream this morning that a woman showed up with a 4 year old girl claiming I was the father. I didn't recognize the woman at all and was confused. However that didn't stop my mother from appearing in my house immediately to lecture about how I was being the same as my father was to my sister. https://i.ani.me/0342/0983/grey.jpg Then she insisted on moving in with me so she could make sure I was doing my job as a proper father. Part of which involved taking it upon herself to redecorate the furniture as well as remove all of the anime and game systems claiming they were distracting from my role as a dad. https://i.ani.me/0342/0983/grey.jpg I was getting pissed with her deciding I couldn't be trusted to raise my own newfound daughter when all of a sudden the girl is holding an all white Maine Coon cat. She's asking me if we can keep it inside the house, but it wasn't house broken so it kept getting up on tables and shelves I didn't want it sitting upon. That's when suddenly the mother of the girl starts asking me to pay back child support, but I'm still not able to remember when I and this lady had ever known each other. https://i.ani.me/0342/0983/grey.jpg I woke up right about the time I was being pressured by her and my mother to be a better man than I was. All this while holding the stray cat in my arms with the supposed daughter of mine looking up at me expecting an answer.
I used to have the same reoccurring nightmare where this demon like creature would torture me I had it every night from the age of 3 all the way until i was 9 when I finally killed it when I kamikazed a zeppelin blimp and took him down with me, it always took place in the same location (except for when i killed it since i somehow managed to change it), it was always the same entity torturing me, but the torture was different everytime, the ones i remember most vividly were the ones where it would slaughter my family and the one where it ripped out my organs without killing me, it's pretty traumatizing when you're a little kid watching something rip out your large intestine while your hot blood sprays on your face, and that is why I was never allowed to watch a horror movie i actually just watched my first horror movie in May
@secretagentboi I had a similar experience, but with a sentient tornado. The tornado would stalk me wherever I went and would even attempt to hide itself behind buildings or trees. Each time it would catch me the dream ended with myself being thrown so high up into the sky I would float into outer space until I suffocated. At which point I'd wake up. The last time I had the dream I was semi-lucid, so I attempted to outsmart the tornado by staying inside my house. That was fine until it occurred that my favorite stuffed duck toy was missing. Looking out the window I saw it laying in the front yard. The tornado had disappeared. I knew it was a trap, but I didn't want to risk losing my beloved ducky, so I quickly opened the door and ran outside to pick it up. Making my way back into the house I thought I had it made. Until I realized the twister had snuck inside the house! It grabbed me and took me out the back of my home before once again chucking me and my ducky into space!
Yeah when i killed it i was lucid dreaming about flying a zeppelin and boom bro jumped in through a window and we got into a fist fight since i was not about to let it get me so then i attempted to crash the blimp and he stabbed me last minute causing me to fall off but somehow i just barely survived the fall and it went down with the ship and i never saw it again
Had a dream last night where I was outside a house and running from Chinese planes (i think?)
Jan 02, 23 at 2:10am
Well, I was sitting upside down in a recliner playing Dragon Age Inquisition nightmare mode, all trials, in attempt to do a no damage run, except I was upside down. I failed miserably
I had some pretty interesting dreams this week. Unfortunately I don't remember enough to piece together the one I had a few nights ago. Last night however, I had a cosmic horror dream. Jacksepticeye played a game a couple nights ago that was inspired by the home in House of Leaves, where physics don't really apply. The house I was in, in my dream, was similar to that, where things didn't make sense, there were pathways directing you either upward or downward but the end of the routes made no sense. The outside was constantly disturbed by something that was both close and in the distance as if it were swallowing whole the world and existence. A dark void where you could feel or sense that there was more inside it but not knowing filled you with terror.
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