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Ghost's office

Sep 16, 21 at 10:48am


Did you make that meme XD that template was pretty popular some weeks ago

Sep 16, 21 at 12:08pm

yeah I made it.


oof, i saw that scene with griff and qt gf

did he kill her after? wouldnt that be the cherry on the mental torture sunday?

so, his sister and him were burned alive by douma's ever lasting flame, and he was happy to get to die with his beloved sister

BUT at the last minute, she touches her hand to his, giving him her regen power (so he has enough strength to regen against the flames) and tells him to 'live' with her dying breath

when i say beloved sister, i mean they loved eachother. like, they were gonna have kids. so this is why he wanted to kill douma so bad, because he killed his beloved sister. but, later on he meets a girl that looks and sounds just like his sister (complex plot reasons) and she ends up losing her memories, and becomes childlike, just like his luna.

she was a bad person, she gave douma the command to kill his village. but she looked just like her, so he gives in to the delusion

Sep 16, 21 at 2:34pm

@momoichi if only it was that simple. They get rescued. Guts is happy they got out and goes to see Casca when he gets up. The problem is she doesn't remember him. it's not simple amnesia she became straight retarded. Like can't speak, can't do anything for herself, retarded. Not endearing retarded like Shiro from deadman wonderland. Just annoying pain the ass retarded. She went from delicious, brown, supple, muscular, good with a sword, tsundere, tough, pixie haircut, bossy, quick tempered, beats you up, supreme waifu perfection to long haired retarded drab waifu.


i know retarded is a medical definition, but i really hate how that word sounds. isnt saying that she regressed or became insolated within herself a bit better xD?

why did griff leave her alive? is that really worse than killing her?

oh but dont worry, with luna it also gets worse

now that judah (the real identity) lost her memories and regressed into a child like state, angi returns to his protective brother nature. he loves how much she needs him to live. his reason for living was to kill douma, but now he has another reason, to protect luna. and she becomes attached to him as well. (during these 10 years is probz the saddest period of his existence, but im saving the real sad shit so)

but, as i mentioned they live in a post apocalyptic winter hellscape, and the only way to heat up the globe is for her to sacrifice herself. she gets her memories back and because she now loves agni, she does. agni becomes as she was. he loses his memories and loses his sister again.

hmm, i guess that isnt really tragic in the sense that he doesnt have to feel sad, but for the onlooker its still pretty depressing


maybe we should just give the most tragic things about these two protagonists and debate which is worse xD?

Sep 16, 21 at 3:05pm

@momoichi Casca and Guts were saved by someone. Though Griffith would have probably kept her alive as his sex slave. I forgot after she became retarded(sorry it's the best term for what happened to her) she's terrified of Guts and goes into panic attacks when she sees him so he can't even be nice to her and rekindle the memories.

Before Casca was raped Guts and her made love. Like the good kind of love. Vulnerable accepting kind of love. Griffith's demon energy corrupted Casca's child she had in her womb from Guts and it became a demon babbeh! it's one of the many demons that follows Guts around to torment him.


"Though Griffith would have probably kept her alive as his sex slave."

but what would you say is the most tragic aspect of guts existance? it can be a single moment or just a general theme

cause what iv been saving is the worst thing in agni's existence (but it does end up being a blessing, which is what makes the manga so good)

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