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What Are You Watching Right Now?


It's dark stuff. It's been a while since I listened to My Favorite Murder. It just gets to be too much sometimes. Apparently there's a true crime doc on Netflix that's upsetting people, available not on US Netflix, but UK called Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey.


Which is odd because it happened in America, I believe the girl was from Florida, yet it's not airing for US Netflix. Oo


Nothing will ever compare to the japanese girl who was raped, gangraped, tortured, starved, beaten and lit on fire over the course of several weeks.


@hell_hound7 I read something very brief, (probably for the best), but someday when my brain is a bit more armored I'll probably do a deep dive on it. Looks like justice wasn't served at all and would like to know what went wrong where.


Well old school japan didnt wanna send these minors away to jail despite their heinous crime against that girl. The boy in question was part of a gang so his parents basically didnt question him as he held her captive in their home.


Great! Now I gotta watch my back from Pandus and Veru. They might try to booty rape and kill me. You can't trust deez weabuus


Bold of you to assume im gonna be coming from behind


@hell_hound7 They actually did go to prison, but the sentence was between 5-9 yrs for most of them consider that they were all underage. (Under 18)

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