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Would you kill the person above you?

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let me go find all the dragon balls, cuz i wish you would...


You dont need to find a four leaf clover for it to be your lucky day boi

Jul 26, 17 at 9:48pm

Unfortunately i don't do euthanasia or massacres. So no. ;|


At least a few of us are somewhat sane.


Cookies... lots and lots of cookies, and dedication to eating them... eventually the sugar and cholesterol will kill me.

Unless they're Maybe's and Eggcup's cookies... then I'll die much sooner.


Sorry, nothing personal, i just wanna kill people!


"Slowly hides under desk"


@mikan, you posted before me

Jul 27, 17 at 5:23am

they look pretty dead already. So i'd probably just roll you into a nearby river xD sorry
That guy tony posted in the time i typed this so edit: prolly not i weigh about the same as that tree lol doesnt look like a good match up aha

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