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Make A Lie Aboout The Person Above You

May 05, 21 at 9:45pm

Was hired to be a DJ in a mansion event. Noticed the people in the event is just one guy and a thousand girls. Probably an odd gig. Needs the money so they said "fuck it" and booked the date.


Is really Dave Chappelle who went to Prince's mansion to challenge him to a game of b-ball before eating pancakes.


Co-wrote Half Baked with Dave Chappelle


Wrote the original screenplay for Space Jam 2. @audiosenpai


The one who Isekai'd Lebron James into Space Jam 2

May 06, 21 at 2:48pm

@tone_deaf_bard Dude. I love Chappelle almost as much as anime. That story that Charlie Murphy talks about always makes me laugh.

Is a member of Prince's band, The Revolution


Has a body pillow of Dave Chapelle in his closet.

May 06, 21 at 4:23pm

The one who Isekai'd Michael Jordan into the first Space Jam


Would you take a look at that, Zach. A thread of lies! Now I'm sure we'll have to be extra thorough when gathering information from these users.

Perhaps reverse psychology will grant us a glimpse of truth. Remember, Zach, they have to state false information. So if we narrow the statements to binary responses, we should be able to affirm the true answer easily.

Such as...

Wik is a woman.

May 06, 21 at 11:11pm

York is new

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