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Random thoughts...

me: fights my boyfriend first thing in the morning also me: why does he hate me
Mar 23, 23 at 3:30am
Now the Big Time Rush opening is back in my head lol Thanks Anna XD
It's supposed to be nice today. 80 degrees by 5pm and I can't wait.
Mar 23, 23 at 9:00am
Just banned a spambot advertising for those protective Japanese bathing caps that prevent soap from getting into your eyes... Odd thing to spam about...
A hero to us, but to the person that created the bot, you are surely a villain who's goal is to destroy the human population by getting shampoo in their eyes. "AHH IT STINGS!!!"
Mar 23, 23 at 10:43am
This news upsets me a bit ... https://nichegamer.com/atari-is-buying-nightdive-studios-for-10-million/
I'm not wearing no dress. :/ At a funeral or wedding sure hell even for a ball room bliz. But not just to wear. I don't like it. :(
Mar 23, 23 at 11:35am
Tried fried ice cream at a spanish place for the first time along with other stuff. Bill was 28, i tipped the server a 20 cause I dont dine in often.
Luffy and Kaido fight is freaking epic man. Man.. Luffy went down after one hit by him I was like damn boy got hit with a United States Of Smash!!!! hahahaha!
@choicemoonbee But is it Kakyoin vs Dio? Ahhh good ole fashioned donuts! Ft. Ace, and Abbacchio
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