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Random thoughts...


Screw it. I'm game.


You ever get so bored and just cant find anything to do? All the good anime for me comes out Saturday and monday so i have nothing to watch. Youtube isnt cutting it, twitch isnt cutting it. Im about to go crazy im so bored.


I usually just end up running wild in the streets.

Jun 10, 21 at 10:15pm

I kinda wanna watch some 90s animes. If anyone knows any good recs I'd love to hear them


I would run would but i gotta go to bed soon anyway. Guess the ultimate cure of boredom is sleep and start the next day.


Personal favorite is Yu Yu Hakusho, and the dub is actually really good on that one.

Others include

-Outlaw Star
-Sailor Moon
-Dragon Ball Z
-Samurai Pizza Cats
-Gundam Wing
-Initial D
-Cowboy Bebop
-Magic Knight Rayearth
-Tenchi Muyo

Jun 10, 21 at 10:37pm

Dominion Tank Police



Been off the site for 5 months. Left and there was pedo bs going on and come back to see some pedo bs. Wonder how many days I’ll last ????....o.O


why am i rereading a manga online that i already own irl...


to be a sunfish is to suffer

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