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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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[Filthy] Richaadokun commented on What Are You Listening To Right Now?
[Filthy] Richaadokun
Jan 13, 18 at 8:09pm


And I will answer their call
For you, my beloved
For you I will fall
Always for you

Take me back to where
To where the ocean meets the skyline
To a time
Where things somehow made more sense
To a place where we walked with innocence

To the edge of the worlds
If I have to go
Should oblivion take me
Nobody will know
I'll follow my heart
Whether it stops or starts
To take me away
Or right back to your arms


You're one of a thousand voices
In my head that all just sound the same
If mine never made a difference
It wont make the meaning change

Jan 14, 18 at 3:19am

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