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Gender-bending or crossdressing or forced fem

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So does anyone have any recommendations for something like that


Um well

Anime-Love Stage, Himegoto, kampfer and I'll bring some more later...

Manga-Hikaru to Hikari, Usotsuki Lily, and once again I'll mention more later


@angelica i can see what your into (lenny face)


Thank you so much the only one I have heard of is kampfer and I've been dying to see it. I want to find a perfect one where the guy is turned into a girl for punishment.


I added all those to my plans to watch and read on anime list


@Panda-Kun I admit!!!!! I'm into tentacles T_T

@glow No problem, glad to help

Gonta Cheeto
Jan 19, 17 at 10:28pm

Give Princess Jellyfish a look over, It's a really cute anime about sorta "ugly" girls and some rich dude who enjoys Cross Dressing, he falls for main girl while main girl falls for his Brother. is adorable.


Dang agelica got most of em.

Dont forget baka to test

The drama club tricks hideyoshi into wearing girls clothes by saying its a mens costume :3

Gonta Cheeto
Jan 19, 17 at 11:34pm

Hideyoshi is best girl

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