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Which is your favorite Anime Opening of all Time?


I sense a nice discussion theme here ^w^


I like "almost" all anime openings I have seen until now

But If I had to decide to pick my favorite right now, it would be "Worlds End" by Flow from Code Geass R2

Not just that I love the overall editing and design of the opening, I also adore the nostalgia while listening to it and
remembering all the great moments from the series


There's far too many to decide a favorite. The music production is almost always high quality. Even if you spent ages objectively analyzing which is the best out of your favorites you'd have a hell of a hard time. So here's some bangers that came to mind:


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen anything eureka seven related. That was a pretty good show, haven’t seen it in so long I forgot it existed.


Tokyo Ghoul





Love the Perfect Insider Op :3


@yutoakari and no one loves the anime. And rightfully so.


(not in order)
Naruto Shippuden opening (Silhouette)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 4 2nd opening.

Wolverine anime opening

Death Parade opening

Mahoutsukai no Yome opening

Demon Slayer opening

One Punch Man opening 1

One Punch Man opening 2

Naruto Shippuden opening 1



Why is that?

I thought it was pretty good for that what it was intended to be


@yutoakari For a 'Mystery' there wasn't a episode where it made me want to find out more. I kept watched hoping I'd be intrigued, some characters being quite entertaining and all. But unfortunately the only thing I really looked forward to every episode was the OP.

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