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Anime Recommendations

Mar 16, 21 at 1:21pm

Best one ive seen at the moment and firmly recommend is jujutsu kaizen


jujutsu kaisen manga >>> anime
i love both don’t get me wrong but only readers will understand

Mar 16, 21 at 1:47pm

You mean how the manga is different?


it is the fillers and the forced humor in the beginning of the show which ruins it for me
do not get me wrong, i find it cute and all but if i had to choose, it is always manga>>> @jesper0

Mar 16, 21 at 1:55pm

Gonna have to disagree with you, Manga is fun to read and all but you will never feel emotion as much as you would with anime. And thats precisely why i love this show so much. Great audio, Great voice actors. I love it. @iloveminecraft123


i love the voice actors, they seriously couldn’t pick better ones + opening / ending songs.. 10/10
but in overall, manga made a bigger impression at least when it comes to me, for instance when the view of the characters are shown, in manga it’s just more intense.. who knows maybe i’ll change my mind if we get the best scenes animated, i’ll keep you updated !

p.s. is it just me or i can’t pick a favourite character since everyone is just fooking great in their own way i’d even say it’s almost impossible


Mar 16, 21 at 2:13pm

I dont really keep favorites haha, but if i had to pick it would definetly be the protagonist. Lame right :P

Mar 18, 21 at 11:45pm

For harem: Oreshura and The World God Only Knows


For Fantasy-Isekai Anime I recommend Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World. This is one of the funniest anime I have ever watched. Especially for people who love RPGs a lot.


If you guys want a good Slice of Life Moe Show, I recommend A Place Further than the Universe. I normally don't watch a lot of slice of life, but this one was very good. It was shorter than it needed to be at 13 episodes, but I really enjoyed the journey the characters went on to Antarctica.

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