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what is an anime you like but nobody knows about?


X/1999 comes into mind.


Wait what? you like aoyama kun?
You are the first person i meet that knows the anime ;_; </3


Of course I like Aoyama-kun. ;_; I thought it was popular. It was funny and good.


Also Rakudai Kishi No Calvary
The story is SO DAMN GOOD that is the first anime that i wanted to read the LN
-ANimation so damn good
-near perfect romance dev and story
-realistic power evolution of the mc/fmc

But it went into the memory hole so fast ;_;
The nearest thing we got to a second season was a dvd audio for a specific volume of the LN

I hate the animes that are only promos for the ln


The only chapters i found translated where the first 2
And for the raws are in like the +945 and are only 20

I hate this world reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Absolutely hate it when the raws are wayyy ahead of the translations


Wotaku is pretty popular it got live adaptation


Almost no one talks about it and even the chapters get translated really really really really slowly ;-;

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