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what is an anime you like but nobody knows about?


The best lol, gonna have to rewatch it soon.


Been a long while since I’ve watched that.


Shiki. It's underrated beyond belief. It's such a masterpiece in terms of music and development. The art style is not for everybody and a lot of people drop it due to how long it takes for things to start 'worsening' but if you carry on and listen to all the heartfelt and deep parts, it's such a gem.


Possibly, Midori Days? I have only met one person that knew and watched it which is my bf. XD Shiki was okay. I thought it was sad.


Mf UQ holder. Completely underrated. Also welcome to demon school iruma kun and arifureta from commonplace to worlds strongest

Kiki @kikisniper
Jun 06, 20 at 3:14am
This account has been suspended.

Aoharu x machine gun
Not one of my favorite but it’s still pretty good if ur into the comedy romance genre

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