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Castlevania season 3


Die Monster you dont belong in this World!


Ya, if you tried the NES/SNES games, they are all pretty difficult and stiff for the most part, and very linear.

SotN coined the term Metroidvania, as it took the Super Metroid formula of non-linearity and exploration, and slapped it onto Castlevania, changing the series forever. Its a bit methodical compared to more modern platformers (until you get some upgrades), but plays smoothly and precisely.

And season 3 was great. Episode 9 was a very uncomfortable watch (good job to the crew for pulling that off). Isaac was the only one who had a happy ending this season.


The judge was fairly odd. I knew something was up when he said he didn't like kids, but having them die in a pit only to steal their shoes was a wacky quirk.


Hey kid, you can have 3 apples from my tree.

But you better not run little boy...hmhmhahahahabwahahahahahaha!


Seriously WTF?


The shoes were just a trophy of sorts, and there were not just childrens shoes.

He got off on keeping order (or his order anyways). And liked when anything "exciting" happened in the town, such as someone going missing.


I see what you mean. Also, was the parallel dimensions anything of a reference? I felt like I was suppose to get something from that but I couldn't tell.


Castlevania gets weird sometimes lol


Anything from Japan gets weird after awhile. It's the law of the land or something.


Like the wonder twins!

Going to be awhile before I get over them. *shivers*


Well the Infinite Corridor itself appears as an explorable area in Curse of Darkness (the only game where Hector is present, and is the player character). I think in the game lore its a realm between the mortal realm and the chaos realm (the source of Draculas power, and where he reforms when destroyed in the mortal realm). But the IC in the game did not really have much lore itself, other than existing really.

As for the IC in the series, thats really nothing but rampant speculation at this point. There have never been mecha or spaceships like that in any Castlevania game. They "might" exist in the world during Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow (they take place in 2035 and 2036), but we never see them. No Castlevania game has taken place in Australia. Austria yes, Australia no. The caped figures running to the pyramid might be something, no idea. The individual Saint Germain was after is probably a fairly prominent character. That hair makes me think Shanoa. But again, thats anyones guess at this point.

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