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Unpopular anime opinions!


That I never felt the urge to watch.

Sep 13, 20 at 6:28pm

For the first few episodes it takes a cowboy bebop-esque approach to story telling but with way darker tones which works very effectively for the show.After this that structure completely falls apart and the anime's story telling becomes mediocre. It's been a while since I've watched it but I remember thinking it wasn't particularly good for a anime with such high praise


You the worst anime for me, that I couldn't finish, was Serial Experiments Lain.

Sep 13, 20 at 6:38pm

Ahh yes I remember that anime, I couldn't finish it either
It's been years but from what I've gathered about it, the writing is either incredibly detailed and "intellectual" or a completely convoluted mess


Maybe one day someone will be able to make sense of it.


Gachaman Crowds was a good anime. Damnit, a good anime!

Sep 13, 20 at 7:11pm

Gatchaman Crowds is so underrated god damn, I need to rewatch it.


@matchesia can we best friends dude xD such an underrated, stylish, spicy gem. I could have watched 8 seasons of that show. It scratched that same itch a la "Gridman" and "FLCL"

Sep 13, 20 at 7:15pm

@enby_lotus hell yeah I still need to watch FLCL, it's been on my imaginary watchlist for a while now. But yeah It's amazing the art direction, the soundtrack damn the soundtrack.


i feel like read or die should get more recognition again like outlaw star such an underrated gem again

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