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Anime Openings


I love the K-ON! openings so much! All of them are so energetic, fluffy, cute and positive <3

This one is even better tbh, I love how the character movement and how they react/act represents their personalities perfectly. +all the small awesome details! Kyoani is god tier :3


mob psycho 100 has the best anime op, so strange and unique, with a custom song with great lyrics
"Your life is your own ok if you wanna run away thats ok!"

close second is yuri on ices op
its fucking mesmorizing and i love the english lyrics

Oct 08, 19 at 5:02pm



I think this is the third anime OP thread so far. But this one is definitely one of my favorites (warning: saxual content)


I really loved the opening for Overlord's Season 1, with the dark turns and English to Japanese lyrics, it Really fits the anime.


Still my jam 14 years later (holy shit it's been that long?)

Oct 08, 19 at 5:58pm

Hachikuji's OP always brings a smile to my face.


Can't have an anime OP thread without this one :u


Decent Black - Owarimonogatari OP

Shadowgraph - Boogiepop and Others

Redo - Re:Zero

are all amazing ones to me. When it comes to OPs I have an incredibly hard time choosing one.

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