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omg fire force is amazing

Aug 16, 19 at 10:11pm

i love it too but im more behind than you! i still have yet to watch ep 2 i believe @_@

Aug 16, 19 at 10:21pm

i'm just now starting episode 3 qwq

Aug 16, 19 at 10:38pm

Im one ep behind

Aug 17, 19 at 8:29am

haven't seen soul eater, is it good?

Aug 17, 19 at 8:32am

I've been avoiding it, seems like it's gonna be a huge disappointment filled with lewd.
these post giving me hope tho.

Aug 17, 19 at 1:55pm

opening is wonderful tho!!! I keep repeating it to hell and back
anyone know what happen to the Dr.stone thread? I couldn't find it.. tho it was only about the anime wasn't it not manga too?

Aug 17, 19 at 3:58pm

i watched the 5th episode and got near the end
the fight between the infernal and the knight
holy heck that was childish and stupid lmao
couldn't fight because he was holding his sword... the wrong hand
and ended it so quickly when he figured it out
i just
that's not good writing at all lmao

Aug 17, 19 at 4:21pm

The opening song is amazing and the way the anime makes feel is even better

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