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Weirdest anime you've ever watched?

Sep 11, 19 at 9:48am

Lain is about a girl connecting to the "wired". It's somewhat creepy at times. Lain has kickass op too.


oh there was dat one...
humanity has declined... what plot?
Kuuchuu Buranko... a psychology crashcourse...

there was one more anime... kinda short... girls peeing sweets... IDK who dafug came up with dat concept... and why it got an anime...

Sep 11, 19 at 10:47am

dead leaves

bobobobobobobobobo is a close second though


Oh gods, I remember Dead Leaves. That was one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. There was one character with a drill for a... *ahem* Anyways, thank you for making me remember that again Lamby. xP

Sep 11, 19 at 4:10pm



-The weirdass anime about the neet (the one based on a former neet novel)

Sep 11, 19 at 4:16pm

Violence Jack, mainly because it's just incoherent action scenes and gang rape

Sep 11, 19 at 4:28pm

I mean ghost stories has to be up there..... that dub tho


@Lamby, Yup that's the scene I was referring to. xP


Pupa. Worst 30 minutes of my life.

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