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What was your first Anime?

Aug 02, 19 at 1:58am

First would be Speed Racer and then Kiki's Delivery Service. Saw Akira way too young since it was posted in the kids section of the library.

Aug 02, 19 at 6:29am

Probably dragon ball and yuyuhakusho

Aug 02, 19 at 6:31am

Kill la Kill
Loved it and it started me on my journey.

Aug 02, 19 at 1:08pm

Technically Digimon but the first one I learn was anime elfen lied

Aug 02, 19 at 2:18pm


Aug 02, 19 at 2:21pm

I would say Digimon, but I didn't know it was an anime. So, Naruto!

Aug 07, 19 at 11:11pm

It was dragonball and cowboy bebop for me.

Aug 08, 19 at 12:11am

My first anime was prob yugioh on 4kids. But my first like actual anime I would wait up for every night was Mar on toonami. I loved both of those shows soooo much. Then my friend introduced me to a website I could watch bleach on and my life changed forever

Aug 08, 19 at 12:13am

Probably between Sailor Moon or cowboy bebop.

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