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The Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Hub

Dec 15, 18 at 4:04pm

Oooh let's see. My favorite is Part 3. Jonathan will always be my JoJo. Jobro is a tie between Caesar and Kakyoin. Dio is my villain. Oh, and my stand would be...Universal Remote. I'm gonna change the channel on reality as we all know it!


*added Rayelight and Foo Fighter to front page*


Funny Valentine best villian cuz M'urica!

Dec 15, 18 at 11:21pm

Does iggy count as a Jobro??


@Baka Yes :D

Dec 15, 18 at 11:34pm

Iggy is def my Jobro then!! Better then the dog I have now who chews my hair and farts in my face.. doesn’t have a stand

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