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The Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Hub


Favorite Part/Jojo/Jobro/Villain, Memes, Discussion, Artwork, what would you name your Stand, etc. As long as its related to JJBA post in here :D


◇♤ MO User and their Stands ♧◇

Red_Hawk (Charles): In Utero or Smooth Criminal

Baka:The Kinks or Red Bone

Beherit: Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance

Foo Fighter: Meat Loaf

Rayelight: Universal Remote

Solid_snake95: Sunshine

Dec 14, 18 at 11:53pm

Favorite part is Part 4, Johnathan is my favorite Joestar. My name would be The Kinks or Red Bone!


I'm not sure which part is my favorite, all I know is this never gets old...


My favorite part as of now is Part 3, Joseph is my Joestar, Polnareff is my Jobro, DIO is my villain.

My stand name would either be In Utero or Smooth Criminal


Well my username is already a band name so I think I'll keep that if that isn't too lazy, stand name... to keep with the theme, Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance

Dec 15, 18 at 12:13am

Dio is a wonderful villain, I love how prideful he can be!


*will start adding MO Users and their Stand names to my original post on the front page*

Dec 15, 18 at 4:03am

Part 4 is my current fave, I like the villain and the setting and the atmosphere. I am guessing persona 4 took a lot of inspiration on this story. My stand name would be Meat Loaf, dunno if that's an actual stand name.

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