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If a fight went down. Who's an anime character you'll want as backup?




oh shit a few people did one punch


i take your saitama

and choose a dude that can MC anyone

he can MC caped baldy to kill himself



i choose furuta so he has to stand close to me
*heavy breathing*

Apr 09, 19 at 8:34pm

Char Aznable, as the team leader.

Quick on his feet, tactician, skilled in combat. Can lead a man 100 men to their deaths, while they still route for him. Needs to be in his mobile suit.

Rick Hunter, as the team player.

He is a skillful pilot with a since of justice, sure he might get cocky. Sure he might be a little too helpful at times, but you can always depend on him to protect your a**. A good improviser as well. Needs to be in his Robotech.

Tsumugi Shiraui, as the secret weapon.

She is the cutest kaiju you'll ever see in your life! Strong, and ridiculously loyal to those who she cherish. Possibly the best waifu as well. Why wouldn't you want a kaiju in your time?


Kitano Ken- Sun-Ken Rock!


i want arceus cause (s)he's literally a god


There are actually about 50 dozen genders, you know.

Apr 10, 19 at 1:21am

Kenshin Himoura, the manslayer!

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