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What is the weirdest anime that you ended up liking?

Jun 10, 18 at 10:01am

@lamby... Its sad that the manga of hikaru no go had to stop in between, coz of copywright issue.


@LaughingMan~dD: Wait, seriously? Aw... :'(

Jun 10, 18 at 10:41am

Yes.. the last tournament of hikaru no go manga showed a korean manga character who had a lot of similarities with a real life korean go player, so he filed a case against it. Lol after knowing that i was wondering why it didnt get copywright issues for using hoinbou shusaku(legendary go player) and literally decrediting his go achievements by saying it was Sai who played through him :V


Daily Lives of High School Boys


I never expected to get so invested on Gintama rofl


Arakawa under the bridge

fun cast


Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, them wack y characters and dark humor lol


i loved shimoneta, i saw a gif from the show and knew i had to watch it but didn’t know what to expect

definitely a good one if looking for a different kind of anime (and better if u can find the uncensored version)


Yea probably Excel Saga .. That was definitely an experience


I could say a lot, but then again, humans such as yourselves have different tastes in weird. I'd say so far would be Hetalia, but I've always had an interest in it, knowing what it was about. Although I loved Hetalia so much I made my own, although modified it to suit my own interests, then again, the first novelization of it (despite it's shiteness and some mild 18+ content), it's by far my most popular project and biggest yet. If I've piqued your interest, I'll grab it by the tail and say it has over 250 characters in it.

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